Lee Chieng

Loan Officer
NMLS #339727
AZ license #1040124

Lee Chieng is an accomplished loan officer with a strong background in the mortgage industry. With over two decades of experience, she has been assisting clients in achieving their homeownership dreams since 2002. Lee possesses extensive knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional home mortgages, as well as expertise in government-backed loans such as FHA and VA.

In addition to her expertise in traditional conventional and government loans, Lee is well-versed in catering to the unique needs of investors and individuals with non-traditional income sources. She understands that not all borrowers fit the standard criteria and is proud to offer Non-QM loan programs tailored specifically for these situations. Lee is committed to providing options and solutions to clients who may have faced financial challenges in the past or have unconventional financial profiles.

Furthermore, Lee is highly knowledgeable in the complexities of reverse mortgages. She understands that homeowners in their golden years may have different financial needs and can benefit from a reverse mortgage. Lee’s reverse mortgage program is designed to provide financial flexibility and stability for seniors aged 62 and older. Whether her clients are looking to supplement their retirement income, cover healthcare expenses, or simply enjoy their retirement years to the fullest, she offers tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Lee takes the time to educate her clients about the pros and cons of reverse mortgages, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of this specialized financial product.

Throughout her career, Lee has helped numerous clients with diverse backgrounds and unique circumstances achieve their homeownership goals. She believes in building trust and lasting relationships with her clients, always putting their best interests first. Lee’s commitment to providing exceptional service means that she goes the extra mile to educate her clients about the various options available to them. Her goal is to empower her clients to make informed choices that align with their financial objectives.

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